Precision Color Management for Printing Companies

Visual communication has a very crucial role in today’s business world. Through visual communication, the message can be delivered more effectively to build stronger brand awareness. The right design can bring the big impact and it is including all symbols and also its colors. Printing companies are required to be able to produce high precision printing products the same as the design. Color management is one of the most challenging issue for today’s printing industry.

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With advanced printing technology, high definition image can be produced with almost limited color options. It is a big challenge as each and every aspect of the design has special meaning and purpose. Printing companies need advanced solution for color management ensuring precision printing result.

Precision Color Management for Printing Companies

Alwan colorhub is the best solution they need. It is a fully automated color server designed to improve color match and productivity. It connects printers with design workstations ensuring high precision color management. It can be optimized with alwan print standardizer to calibrate printer devices.

More efficiency can be reached using alwan print verifier to check and proof final designs calibrated with the printer. It is like full package to improve printing productivity and able to meet client’s highest satisfaction.

Alwan Color Expertise solutions is available through International Distribution Network SAL (IDN SAL), the leading distributor of imaging and publishing technology and solutions in Middle East. This company can supply printing companies in this area with the best professional printing solutions from Alwan. Not only the software, it also needs the best hardware to produce the best quality product.

For high precision color calibration, it requires high quality color management monitors. Once again, IDN SAL is the name to count on. This company has complete ranges of EZIO ColorEdge, the high end display monitor designed and optimized for color management with 4K color precision.

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