How to help kids learn easy drawings

Young age is filled with creativity and imagination. The kids are at the start point of the journey with a curious nature to make sense of the things around them. So, this is the correct age to fill their life with the creativity of the drawing. It is a challenging task but you have to make it fun. With little patience and encouragement, you can help the kids learn easy drawings. Some of the common steps to help the kids:

  • First, you have to learn about drawing yourself. There is a difference in drawing a simple stick figure and drawing the real shape of the object. Drawing is not just marking the paper; you need to be real and imaginative at the same time for drawing. You have to see the world from the eyes of an artist.
  • Kids can recognize shapes at an early age. So, you can start by teaching them how to draw simple shapes like – Circle, Triangle, Square, etc. At least start with the shapes or stick figures and this will surely help your kid learn.
  • Always encourage the imagination of the kids. As they grow, you can change the tools of drawing, from crayons to watercolors. If the kid is coloring a tree orange, let it be but don’t force him/her to color it green only.
  • One step that might help is drawing with your kids. As a parent, you should spend time with your kid and this might help the kids to focus on the drawing more.
  • Lastly, teaching simple and useful techniques will help the kid. As they grow, teach them those techniques to keep them interested in the subject of the drawing.

Aquadoodle mat:

Some of the tools available in the market are quite useful and creative. Take a look at these tools:

  • Aquadoodle mat: This toy is for preschool children. A magical ink is used to draw on a mat and after several minutes the drawing vanishes. Yes, you read it right, a magical ink which disappears.
  • Aqua magic mat: This is a simple mat on which your little one can draw. It has to be swiped with water after the drawing and voila it will be just as new. The mat can be reused several times. Also, with the magic mat, you get the pen filled with water. This drawing mat is portable and kids can have real fun with it.
  • Water magic doodle mat: This mat can be used on a desk or floor. The Water mat can be folded, portable, and safe for the kids. The size of the mat is big enough that 2-3 kids can draw simultaneously and have fun.
  • There is a drawing mat for toddlers as well. Even at that young age children can have fun with colors, drawing mat, etc. They can learn the name of the colors from this exercise.

Aqua magic mat

The tools are only medium; parents play an important role in the process of teaching. Because children always ask the parent how to draw better. The answer is practice but a kid should have fun also. To help get better in the drawing, the parent can draw simultaneously with the kid. In this way, the kid compares his/her drawing and notices the difference between them. For smaller kids, stick to the drawing of simple shapes and objects. As they get older they will draw more realistic art.

Water magic doodle mat


You might be familiar with the phrase – I want that toy, daddy. When a child sets his/her eye on any toy, you have to buy it. Children love toys. A toy can be educational in many ways. Some examples of educational toys:

  • Rocket launchers: Science and technology are evolving subjects. Now, everyone has some knowledge about science and kids can learn from the rocket launchers. This toy uses the law of pressure.
  • Magnets: Kids are amazed by magnets. Magnets can demonstrate the concepts like the magnetic field, magnetic force, and the two poles of a magnet.
  • Puzzles and mathematics: Puzzles and mathematics board game helps in aptitude development. A child gets to know about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The design of the game is very engaging that you won’t realize that they are learning mathematics.
  • Constructing games: Games which contains construction like building a car, plane, machines, or anything. Children like linking pieces together to make a building or anything.


Children are creative at a young age, use this creativity and insert something like drawing in it. The initial goal should be entertainment. Later, when the kid grows the goal should be teaching the technical thing behind the drawing. There are many toys available in the market but only some of them are educative. Buy the ones which teach something to your kid.

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