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Bestseller No. 1
Big Pack - (1,000) Dawn Redwood Tree Seeds - Metasequoia glyptostroboides - by MySeeds.Co (Big Pack - Dawn Redwood)
  • 1,000 Seeds Per Packet - BIG PACK
  • Dawn Redwood, Metasequoia glyptostroboides, Tree Seeds
  • Fast-growing, critically endangered deciduous conifer tree
  • Dawn redwood is a deciduous conifer that can get up to 150 feet tall with a trunk diameter exceeding 8 feet
  • Fall Color: Lovely orange brown to reddish bronze
Bestseller No. 3
Thuja Arborvitae Green Giant Qty 40 Live Trees Evergreen Privacy
  • The Thuja Green Giant quickly gives you a lush, rich privacy screen (3-5 feet per year once established). - Drought tolerant - Disease & insect resistant - Easy to grow & very adaptable You can block out neighbors while taking very little yard space. Thuja Green Giants grow in a uniform shape and height. You get that classic French Renaissance look without having to prune or shear.
  • This is a tough tree. Resists ice and snow damage. Grows in almost any soil, even sandy loam or heavy clays. Prefers direct sunlight, but also does well in partial shade.
  • The Thuja Green Giant is the perfect fast growing evergreen for a privacy hedge or wind screen. Plant one every 5-6 feet and they quickly create a dense barrier.
  • True Thuja Green Giants are hybrids grown from branch cuttings, not seed. They need to grow below the ground before they can grow above the ground.
  • The Thuja Green Giant is the perfect fast growing evergreen for a privacy hedge or wind screen. Plant one every 5-6 feet and they quickly create a dense barrier.
Bestseller No. 5
20 Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae Trees/Shrubs - 10-16" Tall Seedlings - Live Plants - 2.5" Pots
  • Green Giant Arborvitae Plants that are 10-16" tall and in 2.5" pots
  • NO shipping to CALIFORNIA
Bestseller No. 6
Brighter Blooms - Thuja Green Giant Arborvitae Tree, 1-2 Ft. - Fastest-Growing Evergreen for Instant Privacy - Cannot Ship to AZ
  • CANNOT SHIP TO AZ – The Thuja Green Giant cannot be shipped to AZ due to Federal Regulations. If you live here and order this tree, your order will be canceled.
  • 1-2 FEET TALL – Your tree is 1 year old and will arrive 1-2 feet tall, it is not full grown or matured yet
  • BRED TO BE THE PERFECT PRIVACY TREE – Nosy neighbors got you down? A thick row of arborvitae trees will provide a gorgeous privacy screen that will create the barrier you desire while adding visual appeal. Dense foliage grows thick with incredible fern-shaped branches.
  • RESISTANT – Thuja Trees are low maintenance and resistant. No need to prune the tree either, its columnar shape provides an excellent privacy hedge all on its own.
  • DELIVERING NATURE'S JOY - From large, high-impact trees and reliable, versatile shrubs to tropical fruits, rare house and patio plants and much more, our varieties provide the garden solutions you need.
SaleBestseller No. 7
PERFECT PLANTS Thuja Green Giant 1 Gallon 5-Pack | Privacy Evergreen Arborvitae | Adaptable Lush Green Foliage
  • the thuja green giant is known as the premier. fast growing privacy tree for much of the united states
  • This large privacy evergreen has dense, dark green foliage that smells like christmas trees when the leaves are broken
  • The Thuja grows in a wide bottomed pyramidal shape, and can reach up to 60ft tall and 20ft wide at full maturity. This tree can be pruned to keep it at your desired size.
  • The green giant thrives in zones 5-9, which mean you can grow this almost anywhere in the united states
  • Once established, just watch them grow with little to no maintenance required
Bestseller No. 8
Green Giant Arborvitae | 10 Pack | Thuja Plicata | Evergreen Plant Privacy Screening Trees
  • One of the finest evergreens for use as screening or a windbreak, this upright conifer is versatile, strong-rooted and virtually disease-free.
  • Its uniform shape seldom needs pruning, but responds well to shearing. Thrives in southern heat and humidity. A durable, handsome accent tree.
  • The green giant arborvitae is a large, vigorous, fast-growing evergreen—shooting up by as much as 3' per year until maturity. Its natural pyramidal to conical form boasts dense, rich green foliage that darkens or bronzes slightly in the winter.
  • This is an exceptional landscape tree for use as a screen, hedge or single specimen. It is also resistant to wind once established and can withstand heavy ice or snow, making it a good choice for a natural windbreak.
  • You'll never have to worry about mixing chemicals or spraying these trees. Not prone to deer or bagworm problems. This is a tough tree. Resists ice and snow damage. Grows in almost any soil, even sandy loam or heavy clays. Prefers direct sunlight, but also does well in partial shade. The Thuja Green Giant is the perfect fast growing evergreen for a privacy hedge or wind screen.
Bestseller No. 9
CHUXAY GARDEN Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea-Hortensia Heart 50 Seeds Attract Butterflies Rare Plants
  • GROW:Surface sow the seeds in potting soil in a flat filled with potting soil. This means simply put the seeds on the top of the soil, and leave the seeds alone after that. Place the flat in a sunny spot but protected from the wind. The entire process should take around 14 days.
  • COLOR:Flowers emerge creamy white in mid-summer, transition to pink, and finally to a deep strawberry pink in fall. The flowers will remind you of a refreshing strawberry sundae on a hot summer afternoon.
  • TALL:Though the mature Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Tree will grow as high as 8 to 10 feet, for best blooms prune the plant back to 6 to 8 feet every fall.
  • GOOD COMPANION:Wintercreeper ground cover, coral bells, and hostas all pair well in mixed garden beds with this hydrangea.
Bestseller No. 10
CHUXAY GARDEN 10 Seeds Thuja 'Green Giant',Arborvitae Seed,Green Giant Arborvitae, Thuja Plicata Standishii Evergreen Tree Privacy Screen Plant Great for Garden
  • GROW.Germinate one to two arborvitae seeds per single peat pot filled with well-drained potting soil, ideally at a neutral to slightly alkaline pH of 6 to 8. Place the pots in an area that receives full sun, or under a grow light.
  • WHEN TO PLANT.Spring
  • TALL.Grows up to 40-60 ft. tall (12-18 m) and 12-18 ft. wide (3.5-5.5 m). Can be kept more compact by pruning.
  • USE.Perfect as a specimen plant or hedges and screens.
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