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Best retevis rt3 review – The Winners!

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List of Top 10 Best retevis rt3 review In Detailed

Bestseller No. 1
Retevis Walkie Talkies Earpiece with Finger PTT 2 Pin Behind Head Headset with Mic for Baofeng UV-82 UV-5R Retevis H-777 RT21 RT15 2 Way Radio(1 Pack)
  • Inline finger ptt button allows you to push to talk to communicate with your teammates easily
  • Behind the head of the headset; there is the smart design of behind your head; sponge earpiece fits snugly in your ears that keeps your conversation private; comfortable and lightweight for long time wearing
  • Adjustable cable; roll line allow you can adjust the length to meet your needs
  • Noise canceling; excellent for usage in noise environment and it offers you clear sound with the boom microphone
  • Compatible with Retevis H-777 RT21 RT22 RT-5R RT17 RT18 RT19 RT27 Baofeng UV-5R series BF-F8HP BF-888S Arcshell AR-5 Kenwood two way radio and more
Bestseller No. 2
Retevis Walkie Talkies Speaker Mic 2 Pin Shoulder Speaker for Baofeng UV-5R UV-82 Kenwood TK-3000 Retevis H-777 RT1 RT21 RT27 Two Way Radios (2 Pack)
  • Walkie talkie speaker mic with kenwood standard 2 pin plug work with most brand two way radios
  • Stainless steel clip and remote speaker with mic; you'll clip it to your collar to adjustment the volume near your ear and push to talk for hands free calls
  • Durable coil cord; flexible and durable cord matches to your height for long term usage
  • Clear sound; excellent use in noise environment without holding your radio for high quality sound communications
  • Compatible with Retevis H-777 RT21 RT22 RT-5R RT17 RT18 RT19 RT27 Baofeng UV-5R series BF-F8HP BF-888S Arcshell AR-5 Kenwood two way radio and more
Bestseller No. 3
Retevis 2 Way Radio Headset with Mic PTT 2 Pin Acoustic Tube Earpiece for Baofeng UV-5RA UV-82 Retevis H-777 RT22 Arcshell AR-5 Walkie Talkie (5 Pack)
  • 2 way radio earpiece with transparent and ergonomic design with soft ear buds fit snugly in ears well; the sound quality is fair
  • Sensitive built in mic with ptt allows you for no-nonsense hands-free calls; you can have smooth communications with your partners; ideal for military police security bouncer warehouse paintball riding etc
  • 2 pin standard diameter ear 2.5mm and 3.5mm stereo; space of two-pin 8mm for Baofeng Kenwood Retevis 2 way radios
  • Stainless steel clip; you'll clip it to your collar to adjust the mic close to your mouth and push to talk for hands free calls
  • The transparent tube connecting the ear bud give you clear voice and protects your health from radio electromagnetic wave radiation
Bestseller No. 4
Retevis RT22 Six-Way Charger Multi Unit Charger for Retevis RT22 RT22S RB19 Walkie Talkie and Battery (1 Pack)
  • 2 way radio charger supply power to six batteries or six radios simultaneously; Note: Incompatible with RT21 RT19 walkie talkies
  • The adapter plug is removable; if it doesn't match your socket; you can simply replace the plug instead of buying a new charger
  • Self-switching AC 100V-240V power supply for international use
  • Safe and reliable; multiple safety protection ensure safe use
  • Capable of controlling the charging process to ensure high efficiency
Bestseller No. 5
Retevis Two Way Radio Headset, Noise Cancelling Tactical 2 Way Radio Earpiece for BaoFeng BF-888S UV-5R Arcshell AR-5 Retevis H777 RT21 RT22 Walkie Talkies (1 Pack)
  • Noise cancelling walkie talkie headset with mic designed with 2 layers of professional noise dampening foam to protect you from work-related hearing loss
  • Comfortable soft skin lightweight sponge-filled earmuff designed with resist compression allowing comfortable days wearing; giving you high quality sound quality even in noisy environments
  • Advanced ABS shell material is more durable for long term use; dual volume adjustment knobs and waterproof connector design totally meets you needs
  • Dustproof mic close to mouth for picking up nature crisp sound; finger PTT and VOX switch totally allowing handsfree communications
  • 5 Pin aviation headset link line; waterproof connector makes the application more extensive; ideal for engineer of manufacturing; technician of processing industry; construction teams; airport staff; racing teams and more
Bestseller No. 6
Retevis RT22 Battery Walkie Talkie Original Li-ion Battery 3.7V 1000mAh Compatible with Retevis RT22 RT22S RT15 WLN KD-C1 Two Way Radio(2 Pack)
  • 3.7V voltage;1000mAh battery capacity
  • Small size and easy to carry;it is convenient for your outdoor work
  • 3 hours charging can last about 8-12 hour using
  • Suitable for the Retevis RT22 RT22S RT15 two way radio
  • This battery is a perfect backup for your original battery for outdoor activitie
Bestseller No. 7
Retevis 2 Pin Shoulder Mic Speaker 2 Way Radio Microphone for Baofeng BF-888S UV-5R Kenwood Retevis H-777 RT21 RT22 RT-5R Walkie Talkie (5 Pack)
  • Ear 3.5mm stereo of top pin and mic 2.5mm stereo of bottom pin
  • Handheld speaker mic make it easy to speak and hear without lifting your radio
  • Rotatable clip in the back allows you clip the mic everywhere you want
  • Push-To-Talk button and microphone are located on the accessory for quick and easy use
  • Sensitive microphones and speakers allow you to communicate clearly and in a noisy environment
Bestseller No. 8
Retevis Walkie Talkie Mic Shoulder Speaker Waterproof Microphone for Baofeng UV-5R Retevis RT19 RT22 RT27 RT-5R Arcshell AR-5 Two Way Radios (2 Pack)
  • The remote mic speaker with standard Kenwood 2 pin K head plug type; works great with Baofeng UV-5R BF-888S Retevis RT-5R RT-5RV H-777S RT27 and more
  • 360° swivel clip allows able to clip the mic on clothing up near the ear makes it much easier to hear calls and pick up crisp clear sound ;particularly in nosier environments; transmit and receive audio in both way are perfect
  • The two way radio speaker mic with IP54 waterproof can resistant rainfall; ideal for commercial use; super choice for ham radios lover during outdoor activities
  • Light weight at 105g/3.7oz make easy to hold for handheld radios; cable length is about 52cm/20.47in(undrawn) is super durable strong for long therm using; works very well for hands-free operation
  • Excellent for use in police; military; nightclubs; bars; paintball; security; restaurants; hotels; bouncer; warehouses and outdoors
Bestseller No. 9
Retevis RT19 Walkie Talkies Rechargeable FRS 22 Channel Lightweight Small Two Way Radio Long Range(2 Pack)
  • RT19 walkie talkies with crystal sound can minimize background noise; ensuring you get clear sound quality
  • The Iron belt clip offers better control of the radio and to be use for long term; no worry about the weak clips
  • Designed with VOX hands free; supports PTT push to talk and voice activation talking; Ideal for team work communications
  • 1300mAh li-ion battery can last whole day use once be fully charged; Low battery alert function helps you keep the walkie talkies always in power
  • Compact;light weight and easy to use;RT19 walkie talkies a great option at picnics;camping;short hikes;staying in touch with friends or neighbors at home
Bestseller No. 10
Retevis RT-5R Dual Band 2 Way Radio Long Range,128CH UHF/VHF Police Ham Radios Handheld, FM Emergency Weather Scan Walkie Talkies Earpiece with Mic(2 Pack)
  • UHF/VHF walkie talkies;128 channels 50 CTCSS and 105 DCS dual-band display; dual frequency display; A/B band independent operation;compatible with most other two way radios on the same frequency and private code
  • Long range walkie talkies; high/low power selectable;you can choose the high power to maximize range or low power to conserve battery life
  • Built-in high brightness LED that can be used as a flashlight or alert system for emergency situations; Keypad setting and clearly LCD display will offer you more convenience when you need to change some functions
  • Equipped with earpiece and shoulder speaker mic; giving you clear and high quality sound communications in the noisy environment without holding your radio
  • Full feature; keypad lock; FM function;emergency alert; 0-9 grades vox selectable; also easy to operate and learn even if you are not a radio expert

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